Friday, August 8, 2014

Electric Car Chargers

As plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and battery electric vehicle ownership is expanding, there is a growing need for charging stations, some of which support faster charging at higher voltages and currents than are available from domestic supplies. Electricsuppliesonline is proud to present two leading manufacturers Leviton and Legrand for electric car chargers. 

Leviton offers a complete solution for residential, commercial and public plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging. Leviton Evr-Green products are compliant with all industry standards and compatible with all major auto manufacturers’ electric vehicles (SAE J1772 compliant).

Pass & Seymour/Legrand can help you stay ahead of the curve with a new line of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), commonly known as EV Chargers. Because the chargers come from an electrical wiring device manufacturer with a history of product reliability, you can count on them being safe, easy to install, and code-compliant.
Plug-In Electric Vehicle Chargers
Pass and Seymour
Legrand Electric Vehicle Chargers
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Smoke/CO Combination Alarms Overview

Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) represent two of the major threats to the health and lives of homeowners and their families. Fire and smoke are often visible, providing occupants with a warning of their presence. CO on the other hand, issues no warning signs. It is colorless, odorless and can build up very slowly over time. Often, families become sick without even knowing the cause.
FireX Advantage
FireX® smoke/CO alarms monitor both smoke and CO emissions. Homeowners can satisfy state requirments, and professional contractors can easily satisfy most building requirements for fire and CO protection with a single unit, reducing installation costs and saving time. Smart Interconnect Wiring allows the FireX 12000 to be connected to additional smoke alarms and CO alarms on a single interconnect wire, eliminating the need for additional wiring and providing whole-house protection.

Toxic CO levels can occur suddenly, or accumulate slowly over time. That's why FireX alarms utilize technology that is equally effective under both conditions. Because even a very small, slow buildup of CO can cause health problems and eventual death, FireX alarms monitor CO levels continuously, and are designed to sound an alarm whenever potentially dangerous CO conditions occur.

FireX combination smoke/CO alarms utilize our exclusive Monox® Sensor with True-Test™ Sensor Diagnostics, a next-generation electrochemical technology with advanced design and functionality. Monox Sensors with True-Test™ Sensor Diagnostics perform an automatic gas test to ensure proper operation. Other CO alarms do an electronic test, checking only the electronics - not the sensor. Other sensors can fail – leaving the homeowner unprotected.
FireX smoke/CO alarms include:
  • Improved filtering to reduce the effects of household chemicals and construction material to prolong sensor life.
  • Three-lead sensor to improve stability and reject false readings
  • Five Year limited warranty.

Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide

Direct Wire withBattery Back-up (AC/DC)
Direct Wire
Battery Powered


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Smoke/CO Alarms Battery Powered (DC)

FireX® combination smoke/CO alarms utilize our exclusive Monox® CO Sensor with True-Test™ Sensor Diagnostics, a next-generation electrochemical technology with advanced design and functionality. Monox Sensors with True-Test™ Sensor Diagnostics perform an automatic gas test to ensure proper operation. Other CO alarms do an electronic test, checking only the electronics - not the sensor. Other sensors can fail – leaving the homeowner unprotected. 


  • EXCLUSIVE Monox® CO Sensor with True-Test™ Sensor Diagnostics – Verifies that carbon monoxide sensor is working properly, and warns when the sensor is nearing the end of its service life. 
  • EXCLUSIVE Automatic Monthly Self-Test – Alarm performs a silent internal system test to verify sensor operation. 
  • EXCLUSIVE Interconnect Test – In an interconnected system, this feature will alarm the local unit first, then quiet the local unit while the remote units alarm. 
  • Front Loading Battery Door – Eliminates battery handling during installation and allows for safe and convenient battery replacement. (10000 and 10000C only). 
  • Battery Pull Tab – Makes installation faster and easier, reducing callbacks due to battery failure. Simply pull tab, close door and press test button. (10000 and 10000C only). 
  • Latching LED Alarm Indicator – After a carbon monoxide alarm condition the single RED light on the triggering alarm blinks until reset. 
  • Smart Quiet™ Trigger Alarm Locator – Pushing test button quiets all alarms EXCEPT the one that triggered the alarm. 
  • Smart Quiet™ Low Battery Silencer – Silences low battery alert up to 10 hours. (10000 and 10000C only). 
  • Quick Quiet™ False Alarm Control – Quiets unwanted carbon monoxide alarms for up to six minutes. Dust 
  • Cover – Protects from dust, dirt, fumes or other common contaminant's during construction, reducing false alarms and callbacks.
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NuTone® LunAura™ Collection.

The transitional design of the NuTone LunAura Collection is apparent the moment you see it with a green-tinted plate suspended below the ventilation fan. When the LED nightlight is activated, the plate turns blue with a stunning glowing edge. Blue was selected for its calming effect, and with Ultra Silent™ ventilation, NuTone LunAura Collection is a perfect way to enhance a spa-like environment. It also provides convenience and safety for night-time tasks. For stunning ventilation in any room, nothing’s quite as flexible as the NuTone LunAura Collection, because there’s never been anything like it.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Halo 4" LED Gen 2 Recessed Lighting

The Halo H4 LED is a family of 4” aperture recessed downlight H457 series of housings designed for exclusive use with Halo EL406, ELG406, ELSG406 Series LED Light Engines and compatible 4” TL4 and TLS4 LED trims. Halo H4 LED housings have integral LED drivers that offer dimming as a standard feature.

This is an insulated ceiling AIR-TITE housing offering 120 volt dimming capability. The H4 LED series offers high quality downlighting along with high efficacy – the result being great lighting and significant energy savings.

Halo H4 LED is a three part system: EL406 Light Engines, with TL4/TLS4 trims and H457 housings. H4 LED 2nd Generation features 90 CRI color rendering index and offers a superior optical design that yields productive beam lumens, good cutoff and low glare. 


Halo 4 inch LED Recessed Lighting

Lightbulb FAQs

Q: I’ve heard that 100-watt bulbs are now banned, and 75-watt and 60-watt bulbs aren’t far behind. What’s the reason?
A: The bulbs themselves are not banned, but the federal government has instituted a staggered set of regulations that requires lightbulbs to meet certain efficiency standards. Traditional incandescent technology – which wastes 90% of the energy it emits as heat – cannot meet those regulations, so manufacturers are developing replacements for those bulbs.
Q: What’s the best replacement for a 100-watt bulb?
A: There are plenty of options that closely match the color and output of incandescents, while trimming utility bills. The traditional 100-watt incandescent bulbs delivers 1,700 lumens of warm-colored light. 72-watt halogen incandescent or 23- or 27-watt CFL bulbs are similar in appearance but last longer and are more efficient.
Q: What are good replacements for other wattages of bulbs?
A: For a 75-watt bulb, look for a 53-watt halogen incandescent. Use a 43-watt halogen incandescent to replace a 60-watt incandescent. For a 40-watt traditional incandescent, use a 29-watt halogen incandescent.
Q: I don’t like the light color of CFL bulbs. What are my options?
A: CFLs have come a long way, and you should be able to find both warm- and cool-colored light now available.
Q: Can I use LEDs in traditional light fixtures that once accepted incandescents?
A: There are LEDs to replace traditional incandescents, but many are still expensive. They pay off with energy savings and can last 25 years. Watch for the cost to continue to decrease as this advanced technology becomes more widely available.

Ushio LED Bulbs

Slope Ceiling Generation 3 LED Downlights…Now more efficient than ever

Juno’s Slope and Super Slope LED Downlights are the industry's first recessed LED luminaires designed specifically for slope
ceiling applications. And now, thanks to our new Generation 3 LED technology, they consume nearly one third less energy than
their predecessors.

Operating on as little as 15.4 watts, these 6", IC-rated luminaires are the industry’s most efficient choice for slope ceilings,
requiring only about half the energy of equivalent CFLs and only a fraction of the energy required by equivalent incandescents.
Slope and Super Slope LED Downlights produce a brilliant 900-lumens of high-quality light, ideal for the higher installation
heights typical of this application. The Standard Slope fixtures accommodate new construction, insulated or non-insulated
ceilings with 2/12 to 6/12 pitch (9° to 27°) … Super Slope accommodates 7/12 to 12/12 pitch (30° to 45°).
Both models feature advanced thermal-management technology that enables the LEDs to easily attain their
remarkable rated service life of 50,000 hours, producing at least 70% of their initial light output with
imperceptible changes in color.

Juno Lighting