Friday, April 24, 2015

How To Install Lew Electric Countertop Box

Lew Electric Fittings Company 

Lew Electric is the leading manufacturer of commercial and residential floor boxes. Proudly serving the American industry since 1901.  It offers an innovative and versatile selection of floor boxes, designed to make use of power and communications convenient and attractive.
Lew Electric Pop-up style outlets can be flush mounted (recessed) or surface mounted into countertops or floors for a sleek, clean look.
Installation Instructions: 
Pop-up style outlet can be flush mounted (recessed) into countertop or surface mounted on top of the countertop. 

SUGGESTED WIRE GAUGE: 10 or 12 gauge stranded wire is preferred for flexibility of wire in box. Please adhere to local ordinances. 

Cutting the hole: 
A) For flush mounted, used supplied template on back of these instructions to measure the hole size, or make a cut 4 7/8” X 4 11/16” and rout down to a depth of 1/8”. From inside the routed area, cut another hole 3 13/16” square all the way down through the countertop. 
B) For surface mounted, cut hole 3 13/16” squared. No routing needed. 

Mounting the box: 
A) Always use supplied LEW stamped steel box (PUFP-WB.) 
B) Using conduit, make connections through hub knockouts in box. Preferred opening is the side end hole opposite of the push button. 
C) If 1.25” opening is needed, please use hole opening on the bottom of box. 
D) Box should be tight to the underside of the countertop. 
E) DO NOT mount box to top of countertop. The further the box can sit down underneath the countertop, the greater room for clearance between wires and the pop up mechanism. 

Making wire connections: 
A) Pull wires through the box and affix to proper slots on the termination block that is attached to the actual pop up unit. 
B) Make sure the wires are inserted deeply into the terminal, leaving no part of the wire exposed outside of it. 
C) Wrap the connections with UL approved electrical tape to ensure protection against hazards. 

Mounting the cover: 
A) Drop the cover into the countertop opening and use Phillips head screwdriver with supplied mounting screws. Fasten completely so that the cover will close when not in use. 
B) Deploy the PUSH button to open the lid for 1-2 seconds and expose the receptacle. To close the lid, depress the PUSH button while simultaneously closing the lid with your other hand. 

RAB Lighting Floodlight


RAB Lighting - Floodlights

RAB Lighting offers a wide selection of general purpose and architectural floodlights suitable for any floodlighting application. Whether your needs are for general area lighting, sign illumination, wall washing, facade lighting, or accentuating details, RAB Lighting has a fixture to meet your application requirements. With a choice of optical distributions and a variety of accessories such as visors and louvers, RAB Lighting floodlights are unparalleled in the industry.
RAB Lighting FF35 Future Flood HID HPS Floodlight, 50W 120V Yellow Light, Aluminum Housing with Hood Glare Shield, Includes Lamps and Ballast, Bronze
  • Easy clip for tool-less relamping with Vandal proof screw capability
  • Integra hood glare shield for friendly lighting when properly aimed
  • Silicone gasket stays in place for durable weatherproofing & easy relamping
  • Precision die cast aluminum housing with durable polyester powder coating
  • Variable beam spread with 2 position adjustable socket
  • Long life lamp included
  • Mounting arm with sturdy locking teeth & internal gasket
  • Also available in White: FF35W

Additional Features:
  • Lamp Watts: 35
  • Lamp Type: ED17
  • Lamp Base: Med
  • Ballast: R-NPF 120V
  • Input Watts: 46
  • Lamp ANSI: S76
  • Initial Lumens: 2,300
  • Lamp Hours: 24,000
  • LED Replacement: FFLED18

Save Energy, Save Money with LED Replacements!


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Prepare for Summer with Regency Fans

Regency Ceiling Fan
From a wide selection of timeless classics to unique contemporary designs, you can express yourself with Regency ceiling fans. Many of Regency fans feature Mood Glow™ uplighting, which is a subtle, indirect light source aimed upward. Uplighting fills the room with a soft, diffused light that creates a mood of sophistication. Engineered with the highest quality materials, you can rely on a meticulous dedication to quality, efficiency and durability for every Regency ceiling fan you choose or design.

For a glimpse of their products, watch this video from Regency.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lumark Crosstour LED Wall Pack & Floodlight

Superior optical control with uniform energy-conscious illumination
Lumark Crosstour™ LED Wall Pack Series of luminaries provides an architectural style with super bright, energy efficient LEDs. The low-profile, rugged die-cast aluminum construction, universal back box, stainless steel hardware along with a sealed and gasketed optical compartment make the Crosstour impervious to contaminants. 

For more information on Lumark Crosstour LED Wall Pack and Floodlight, watch this video. 

Juno Under Cabinet Lighting

Our Juno Pro Series LED Under cabinet fixtures are on sale! Get them here

Juno’s family of linear lighting products offers the industry’s most extensive range of options for under cabinet and shelf illumination. Juno’s linear lighting family covers an exhaustive array of applications from under cabinet and shelf, to cove, cornice, valence, toe-kick, stair, handrail, task, display, and accent lighting. 

Juno Pro-Series LED duplicates the light level of halogen under cabinet lighting using just 1/6 the energy. At four hours per day you can expect over 34-years of maintenance-free operation.  Pro-Series LED fixtures feature fast, trouble-free installation and utilize warm-white 3000K LEDs tightly binned within a 2-step MacAdam Ellipse for industry-leading color consistency. Pro-Series LED 22" and 30" fixtures are available with Passive Infrared (PIR) Occupancy Sensor, field set for 30 seconds to 30 minutes. 

To learn how to install Juno Pro Series LED Under cabinet lights, watch this video.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What is Light Control?

Quality lighting is an important aspect of our daily life, and is often taken for granted. Light control is the ability to regulate the level and quality of light in a given space for specific tasks or situations. Controlling light properly not only enhances the experience, it helps to save energy by using light when and where it is needed most.

The Benefits of Dimming

benefits of dimming

In the average home, most light controls are a simple on/off switch, rather than a dimmer. This means that whether it's the middle of the day or it's nighttime, your fixtures are putting out the exact same amount of light. In fact, light switches are one of the few appliances that only have two settings – on and off. Through dimming, users can control the quantity of light their fixtures provide to fit specific tasks, moods, or situations. This not only improves the experience, but also saves wasted energy in the process.

Daylight Harvesting
daylight harvesting 
In addition to managing electric light, regulating the amount of daylight that enters a space is an important aspect of light control. By using shades in conjunction with dimmers, Lutron systems can create the perfect balance between the two sources of light to save energy and create an inviting environment. Dimming modifies the quantity of electric lights, which in turn are complimented by the proper shade fabric and control that filters daylight. Together they save energy while providing the right amount of light for specific tasks or situations.

Total Light Control
total light control

True light control reaches further than shading and dimmers. Lutron light management systems and equipment can make lighting a vibrant and vital part of any space. Daylight sensors, for example, can automatically adjust shades and overhead lights to maintain the perfect look throughout the day, while occupancy sensors can ensure that lights are never left on when a room is not in use.

The Best Benefits of Under Cabinet Lighting

Compared to other lighting fixtures throughout your home, installing under cabinet lighting may seem like an unnecessary enhancement. However, there's no denying that under cabinet lighting offers homeowners plenty of advantages.
More illumination
The best benefit associated with under cabinet lighting is its most obvious: more light!

Kitchens are among the most important areas of the home for illumination. From cooking to cleaning, under cabinet lighting will get rid of any pesky shadows and make it that much easier to complete your tasks.
Unique design
Under cabinet lighting isn't just practical, however. It also provides kitchens with a unique look and feel. If you're wondering how to incorporate lighting design into your d├ęcor, consider your options when it comes to under cabinet lighting.

Increased value
Upgrades like under cabinet lighting add value to your home, creating another point you can highlight if you ever decide to sell. This is especially true over other types of lighting upgrades, as kitchens and bathrooms are typically the two areas of a home that provide the largest return on investment.