Friday, February 20, 2015

Benefits of ENERGY STAR® qualified LED and CFL lamps

Benefits of ENERGY STAR® qualified LED and CFL lamps
There are many, many benefits to switching to Energy Star® qualified CFL or LED lamps. They are good for the environment, using less resources because they are so efficient, and last far longer than older technologies. And it’s not just our environment that benefits; due to their efficiency, they are far and away less costly to operate, saving everyone money on every energy bill we receive. 

About Energy Star® Energy Star is a voluntary government-backed program sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE). Energy Star protects the environment by helping us to identify and promote energy-efficient products which reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is the national symbol of energy efficiency.

Energy Star® lamps

• Reduce energy consumption, saving you money. By switching from a 60W incandescent bulb to a 13W CFL, you will save about $62 over the lifetime of the CFL! Replace the incandescent bulb with an LED and you’ll save $143 over the life of the LED bulb!* 

• Last longer. A CFL lamp lasts almost 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb, while an LED lamp lasts almost 20 times as long. You save trips to the store which saves time and money. 

• Lessen the impact on the environment. Using Energy Star qualified lamps use less energy thus reducing greenhouse gasses and impact on the earth.

• They can be recycled. CFL and LED lamps are recyclable which keeps materials out of landfills. 

• Produce less heat. CFL and LED technology uses energy more efficiently, so less heat is emitted. Less heat production means lower cooling bills. 

• Save time. Replace lamps less frequently and make less trips to the store.
* Savings based on $0.12 per kWh for 3 hours per day with a 12,000 hour CFL and a 25,000 hour LED. Actual savings will vary depending on current electric rates and actual hours of use

Choosing the right LED or CFL Where to use an Energy Star® LED or CFL 

• High use areas kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and outdoor fixtures. 

 Use in hard to reach fixtures so you don’t have to replace them so frequently. 

• Where you need more light without exceeding the maximum rated wattage of the fixture.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How to Install a Leviton Light Switch

How to Install a Leviton Light Switch

Single pole light switches are the most common switches found in homes. A single pole switch controls a light or lights from one location. Single pole switches have two screw terminals, and some single pole switches also come with a green screw for the ground wire. Leviton offers Decora style and traditional toggle style single pole switches.

Tools Needed
Wire or voltage testerElectrical TapeWire Strippers
PliersSlotted/Flat Head ScrewdriverPhillips Screwdriver
Warning: To avoid fire, shock, or death, turn off power at the circuit breaker or fuse and test that the power is off, using a voltage tester, before wiring!
1) Remove the wall plate using a flat head screwdriver, then remove the old light switch from the wall box.
2) There should be three wires coming out of the wall box. Using your pliers, make a "shephard's hook" at the end of each wire.
3) Take the bare copper or green wire (ground wire) and connect it to the green screw (ground screw) on the side of the switch. Make sure the hook goes on clockwise. This will help tighten the wire in the next step. 
Connect ground wire to the ground screw
4) Using your phillips screwdriver, tighten the ground screw onto the wire.
5) Now you can connect the two remaining wires to the two remaining screws on your light switch (either wire to either screw). Again, ensure the hooks are connected clockwise and tighten the screws with your screwdriver.
Connect the two wires to the two remaining screws on your light switch

6) Before placing the switch back into the wall box, take a peice of electrical tape and tape over the terminal screws. This will prevent any unwanted contact between the screws and the side of the wall box.
7) Using your phillips screwdriver, mount the light switch back onto the wall box using the screws provided. If you are installing a toggle switch, make sure the ON/OFF writing is the right way up(to save confusion later!).
Mount the light switch back onto the wallbox
8) Fasten the wall plate on top of the switch with your flat head screwdriver. Tip: leave the slots in the wall plate screws vertical to prevent dust collecting in the screws.
Fasten the wall plate on top of the switch

9) Now you're ready to turn the power back on at the circuit breaker and test your work!

Lumark's SF Falcon Floodlight

SF Falcon

The Lumark® SF Falcon is a stylish and rugged floodlight that combines value and performance with a soft, architecturally appealing form. This soft rounded corner, die-cast aluminum construction is excellent for applications that have high visibility and where a uniform beam distribution is desired. The SF Falcon floodlight can be wall, ground, or pole mounted, making it ideal for all commercial, industrial, and residential low wattage floodlighting applications.



  • Stylish, rugged, compact floodlight for commercial or residential use
  • Dark bronze weather and abrasion-resistant, die-cast aluminum housing
  • Stainless steel latch provides easy access for relamping
  • Full-circumference silicone gasket seals out external contaminants
  • Formed-aluminum, hammered reflector for optimized beam efficiency
  • Knuckle or trunnion-mount ideal for ground or wall mounting
  • Rugged knuckle mount fits 1/2" NPS outlet box
  • Metal halide, high pressure sodium and compact fluorescent

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Decorative Juno Pendant Lights

Juno Decorative Pendant Kits include everything you need for simple professional installation and offer a choice of energy-efficient LEDs or economical halogen. Kit contents include mounting canopy with transformer, coaxial LED or halogen cordset with lamp, and exquisite glass or metal shade with a satin-nickel plated finial. The unique canopy design permits pendant height adjustment without cutting the cord … extra cord simply coils up into the canopy.

Juno Decorative LED Pendant Kits
Juno LED pendants produce brilliant white, dimmable light equivalent to 20-watt halogen but consume just a quarter of the energy. And with a 50,000-hour rated service life, they last up to 20-times longer. Eco-friendly LEDs offer warm, elegant, 2700K illumination and contain no toxic mercury, lead, or PCBs.
Juno Decorative Halogen Pendant Kits
Halogen pendants offer warm, natural illumination and consume less energy and last longer than other incandescent light sources. The 50-watt, T4 halogen bi-pin lamp illuminates the elegant pendant shade and offers bright, dimmable lighting for tables, countertops, and other work surfaces. 

Save Energy with Lumark Crosstour LED Wall Pack Series

GREAT OPPORTUNITY to Enjoy 85% Energy Savings with Crosstour Outdoor Wall Mount Lighting
Superior optical control with uniform energy-conscious illumination
Lumark Crosstour™ LED Wall Pack Series of luminaries provides an architectural style with super bright, energy efficient LEDs. The low-profile, rugged die-cast aluminum construction, universal back box, stainless steel hardware along with a sealed and gasketed optical compartment make the Crosstour impervious to contaminants. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Fantech Ventilation Fans: The Right Ventilation You Need

Proper ventilation is an everyday need.

Many homes, many needs - one solution
Homes today are tighter and more energy efficient than they were 20 years ago, however they trap stale air indoors, which leads to poor indoor air quality and possible health problems.
What can you do about it?
Installing a Fantech ERV/HRV can significantly improve the quality of the indoor air you breathe. Our ERV/HRVs utilize balanced ventilation technology, which replaces stale indoor air with an identical amount of fresh air. Balanced ventilation has a number of advantages over exhaust-only ventilation such as not drawing pollutants into living space, faster dilution of pollutants and better fresh air distribution.
Well suited for condos, apartments and single and multi-family homes, our ERV/HRVs can fit almost anywhere (such as in a 24” closet space). Outgoing polluted air passes through a special recovery core transferring up to 80% of the energy to the incoming cool fresh air.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Under Cabinet Solution for Residential and Commercial Applications

Juno Pro-Series LED Undercabinet fixtures are now dimmable using most incandescent, magnetic low voltage or electronic low voltage wall box dimmers. Juno Pro-Series LED fixtures feature high-quality construction and trouble-freefive-minute installation, making them the perfect undercabinet lighting solution for residential and commercial applications.

Pro-Series LED fixtures are the ideal solution for both commercial and residential applications.

Pro-Series LED undercabinet fixtures provide dimmable, energy-efficient lighting.

Exceptional LED performance and efficiency
Pro-Series LED fixtures feature a slim 1-inch extruded aluminum profile and are offered in four lengths and four designer finishes. A clear prismatic tempered glass lens provides maximum light transmission and easy cleaning. Installation is a breeze and typically can be accomplished in just five minutes.


Beautifully finished in black, brushed bronze, brushed

silver, or designer white.